Top 11 Social Bookmarking Sites list 2017 : This Is What Professionals Do

Social Bookmarking Sites list

seoblogguide Social Bookmarking SitesSocial Bookmarking is the best way to make strong backlink. Today, I will share top 11 social bookmarking Website lists. Where you can share your blog, website, videos etc. for promotion purposes. Social Bookmarking is the part of SEO. People use these tools to increase their websites’ backlinks.

On my previous Blog, I had shared OnPage SEO Techniques. Once you have done on-page implementation then you can start Social Bookmarking.

As we know very well that Social Bookmarking Sites play an important role in traffic promotion and ranking. you can increase organic traffic by doing quality bookmark.

When you start bookmarking on social bookmarking site. you need to manage your targeted keyword, targeted URL and Description 3 to 4 lines. Make a unique Description including your targeted keyword and then submit in Social Bookmarking Sites.

Benefits Of Social Bookmarking –

(i) Increase Traffic and Ranking Position.

(ii) Through Social Bookmarking, your blog post may go viral.

(iii) I will share top social bookmarking sites to make your link as a quality backlink.

(iv) It helps to improve Domain Authority (DA) and reduces Bounce Rate of your Website or blog.

Below, I have shared The Top 11 most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites with its’ Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) & Alexa Rank..

Sr. No. Social Bookmarking Site DA PA Alexa Rank
1 97.85 88.05 1422
2 99.47 94.96 8
3 86.63 1.00 1646
4 89.84 68.91 2738
5 88.20 77.79 7562
6 94.71 95.45 5694
7 98.39 95.83 2030
8 100.00 97.23 13
9 100.00 97.15 3
10 100.00 97.15 1
11 99.52 94.62 54

Conclusion: If you do Bookmarking above given social bookmarking sites. You will see difference yourself after some days. Actually, there are many social Bookmarking site are available on the web but these are most popular sites to do bookmarking. I also use these above sites for Bookmarking for my clients. You should also use these Social Bookmarking sites for making better link building and improve ranking position.

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