How To Create A Sitemap For Blogger Blogspot – Learn Step By Step

There are many bloggers, who are using Some of them want to learn that How to make a blog on If you are a new and want to create your own blog on Just go on below link.

How to create a Blog on

What is the sitemap and what is the use of it?

A sitemap is like a Directory where stores all existing pages of your Website or blog. A Sitemap helps search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo & MSN) to crawl your Site’s pages and this process makes it easier and faster for them. After crawling Search engines index your website.

If you have not created a sitemap, yet your website will be crawled and indexed by search engines but it will take time to crawling & indexing your blog.

Okay, It’s time to setup sitemap for your blogger (blogspot) –

Setup Blogger Sitemap – Normally bloggers generate sitemap by using the RSS or Atom feed and for it, we use a structure. These structures will help you to create a sitemap for blogger.

By using this structure you can create a sitemap for blogger (blogspot) using Default URL(/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500) .

How to create Sitemap for Blogger –




By Using this you can create a sitemap for blogger. Once, you have created a sitemap. Just tell Search Engines about your sitemap so that Bots can know your site structure. There are two ways to tell search engines about sitemap

(i) Showing your sitemap in robots.txt file (ii) Add your Sitemap on Webmaster Tools

How to add Sitemap in Website –

Go to Setting >> Search Preference
Find Custom robots.txt then Press Yes to enable custom robots.txt content.
Then Put here your Sitemap URL same as

Add sitemap blogger blogspot in robots.txt

  • Then Click on Save changes.

Now, whenever search engines will crawl your site they will access your Blogger sitemap from robots.txt file

Add Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tool –

Now, It’s time to add blogger sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Login Google Webmaster Tools (

Submit Blogger Blogspot Sitemap on Google webmaster Tools

  • Find Crawl and Click on it, then click on Sitemap
  • As you click on Sitemap you will see ADD/TEST SITEMAP
  • Just give one click ADD/TEST SITEMAP and add /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
  • Then Click on Submit Button.

Now, You have submitted your Blogger Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools successfully.

How to add Sitemap in WordPress

Conclusion: If you follow these steps to add sitemap on blogger (blogspot). You will never face any type of difficulties and you will find improvement better than before, yet you have any query related to adding sitemap on blogger. Tell me by commenting.

Add XML Sitemap For Website Through WordPress & Manually

Today, I will talk about Sitemaps. What is the sitemap and why we use sitemap in a website? If you work in Digital Marketing Company. I’m sure you heard about sitemap.

What is a Sitemap & Is Sitemap Important for each website?

A Sitemap is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) file that lists the URLs for a website. It allows webmasters to crawl your Website’s URLs. It is very necessary for SEO because they make it easier for Search engines to crawl your site’s pages.

How to create a sitemap.xml file online for your website? – Manually

I also use this tool to create a sitemap.xml file manually. Just follow these steps –

Create xml sitemap manually

(i) Go to this URL

(ii) Enter the full address of your website

(iii) Select your Frequency (this value indicates how frequently the content at a particular URL is likely to change)

(iv) Next step to choose Last Modification (Choose here User server’s response option)

(v) Choose Priority (I suggest Choose ‘None‘ Option)

(vi) Then Click on Start Button (Make sure that it will be indexed in sitemap only 500 Pages only.)

XML Sitemap Creation

After clicking, this website will be generated automatically sitemap file for your website. your next step to Download un-compressed XML Sitemap.

Once, you have downloaded sitemap.xml file. Go to your cPanel and upload it into your document root, this will be your public_html folder.

If your website’s pages more than 500 then go to

How to add XML Sitemap in WordPress through Yoast SEO Plugin?

There are many ways to create XML Sitemap file in WordPress. But here, I will guide you to add sitemap through my favorite Yoast SEO Plugin.
To add a sitemap in WordPress, firstly Login your wp-admin Website. Go to plugins option and click on add new then find Yoast and install then activate. After activated Go to SEO >> XML Sitemap and check the box to enable XML Sitemap and click on Save Settings.

Now your website is ready to show Sitemap.xml file. you can see your sitemap (See example: or it may show )

Important Note: You must know that there are two types of Sitemap.

(i) Static Sitemap (If you don’t any changes like adding Pages or deleting page then you can use static sitemap.xml)

(ii) Dynamic Sitemap (If you do changes like adding pages or deleting page then use dynamic sitemap)

You can create a static sitemap With the help of above given Website

Conclusion: Here, I have written how to add XML sitemap file manually & through WordPress. Actually, there are several tools & Plugins to create an XML sitemap file. Above I have recommended and Yoast plugin because I also use it for my clients and these both tools are easy to use within less time.

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