Winning Tactics For how to add SSL & HTTPS in WordPress

Before starting about SSL, I want to clarify that SSL Certificate is required for eCommerce Website and your site accepts payments in any form. In that condition, you must always used an SSL Certificate with HTTPS.

SSL – SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and this is the protocol that provides communications security over a network.

HTTPS – HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and it is essentially a protected version of HTTP, which provides authentication for a website and its associated server.

 By using them, your website will become secured and your website will be look like or

In this Article, I am going to tell you step by step “How to add SSL Certificate and HTTPS “. If you are looking to move from HTTP to HTTPS in your WordPress Site, then read it carefully.

You can see HTTPS on big websites such as Online Banking website (, eCommerce Website (

Reason – Why do we need HTTPS and SSL?

Whenever you payment through online you share your personal information, always Keep in mind one thing that Sites must be open with HTTPS. Otherwise, your personal information can be leaked. So be careful before payment online. In order to protect the data transfer, a secure connection needs to be create a website with HTTPS and SSL Certificate.

Recently, Google also announced that all those sites which open with HTTPS, will be considered in search results. It’s a good thing for HTTPS Website. That means your site could be rated higher if it begins with the “HTTPS:” prefix. This is because secure socket layers protect visitors from several types of fraud by encrypting the transmission of data.

If your website provides information only then no need to purchase HTTPS and SSL Certificate.

How to install the HTTPS And SSL on your WordPress eCommerce Website?

To install HTTPS in WordPress, Go to your WordPress Hosting Service providers (like Siteground, Godaddy or Bluehost) and to purchase SSL Certificate according to your plan (For 1 Year, 2 Years and More).

If your Hosting Provider does not provide any offer to purchase SSL. you can purchase it from other Hosting Service provider.

Probably, Hosting Service Provider Companies provide SSL Certificate service like Godaddy, Bluehost & more.

Installing HTTPS in WordPress –

Once, you have purchased the SSL , you need to ask your web hosting provider to install it on your server.

  1. If you are going to build a new Website with HTTPS, you can complete it by some following these steps. Firstly, Login to your Website. Go to Settings >> General and Fill your HTTPS Domain as it is showing on below image.

How to add the SSL Certificate for a New creating wordpress site

Put Your URL with HTTPS in WordPress Address and Site Address.

2.  If you have an existing WordPress Site, then you need to setup and redirect HTTP to HTTPS manually.

To do redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, you need to Add this following code in .htaccess File

See the Code:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

Make sure you replace with your site’s URL, and save your changes.

Mostly bloggers use Yoast SEO Plugin. If you are using Yoast SEO plugin then Go to SEO>>Tools then Click on File Editor

add https redirection through htaccess file

You will see on 1st Robots.txt and on 2nd .htaccess file.  Put here above given code for HTTPS and click on save changes. Don’t forget to put your domain with HTTPS in replace of

Note: If you find existing code in .htaccess File, don’t move it. Just put your code below your existing code and click on Save Changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your SSL and HTTPS on your WordPress website.

3. How to Add Really Simple SSL Plugin for WordPress Site in HTTPS?

Really Simple SSL Plugin for https

No setup required! You only need an SSL certificate, and this plugin will do the rest.

After purchasing SSL Certificate this plugin make necessary changes automatically. This Plugin does not require additional setup outside of installation & Activation. It will automatically make the changes to the .htaccess file if the SSL is detected on your site. You can also view the configuration settings of what has been controlled by the plugin.

Conclusion – In this article, I have told you clearly that How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress Website? 

(i) If you want to make a new website with SSL & HTTPS then what should you do?

(ii) If you have an existing Website then what should you do for SSL & HTTPS?

(iii) How to Add HTTPS to your WordPress site through Really Simple SSL Plugin.

If you have any query related to this post, please tell me through commenting.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to 6 Catchy Blog Title Generator Tools

When the Readers come on your website. What do they see first? Firstly, they see initially your Title. If your title is inspiring, attractive and eye-catching, I am sure they will definitely click your eye-catchy title.

To Find the best headline can be difficult for bloggers.We spend hours creating your content and want to make sure people actually click on your post and read it. And the biggest determiner of that is your headline.

Importance Of Headlines in your Post –

In fact, We can say that Titles Play a big role in your blog’s Success.

There are many articles publish daily on the web, and Titles Or Headlines play an important role. So, When you think to write a blog. Titles or Headlines already comes in your mind. You write Firstly Title and then go to Content or Article related to your Title.

The Title should not be optimized only for Readers but it should be also for Search Engines.

Suppose, You have written a good blog post but your Headline is not eye-catchy. Then no one will read your Blog Post.

There are many bloggers who write good content but can not get so much traffic only because of their non eye-catchy Title. They do not use the powerful headline.

I use WordPress and I have an option to write two different titles for readers and for search engines. I usually write one title for readers (on the blog) and other one different title for search engines (SEO meta title).

What are the benefits of Good Headlines?

You Can grab your visitors attention
You can increase CTR (click through rate)
You can increase traffic to your website
You can increase social shares

Okay, Let’s come to the point. Here I am going to help you by giving such a nice tools for Generating your Headlines or Titles. These tools will help you to create titles catchy & most powerful with uniqueness. While Generating Title please tell them (Title Generating Tools) your targeted Keywords according to your blog post, Content or Article.

See here Some Popular Title generating Tools Which produce catchy titles:-

1. Headline Generator ( – It’s very easy to use this tool. This tool helps you to Find Catchy Title By entering your Targeted Keyword. This Tool can generate 700 headlines with one click.

Title Generator tool for blog title

2. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator ( – SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator tool offer endless suggestion & catchy titles for Blog Title. This Tool is also easy to use and understand. You can get the more relevant result by describing your keyword!

Tools to Find Catchy Title for your blog post

3. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator ( – It also provides Blog Title for your blog Post. To Generate the Catchy Title simply enter your targeted keywords and click on GIVE ME BLOG IDEAS! Then you get results according to your putting keywords.

Tool for generate catchy Blog Title

4. Tweak Your BIZ Title Generator ( – It is also a very outstanding tool, which generates the great title for articles and blog Posts. It is easy to use by entering your topic with targeted keywords and press submit button to get more results which will relevant to your Title.

Get catchy title by tool

5. Content Row Linkbait Title Generator ( – This tool is very easy to use. Just Enter your Targeted Keyword and Click on GET LINKBAIT to see catchy titles.

Tool for research catchy title

6. Portent Title Maker ( – I also use this tool to find catchy titles for my blog post. This is another simple to use catchy title generator. Open this website and enter your targeted keyword and see the only one result to see another title click on reload icon. which is given near your filling Keyword.

tools for generate catchy blog title

All these Title Generator Tools are really very Good, easy to use and understandable. Being a Professional Blogger, I always use all of above given tools to make my blog titles catchy and inspiring.

If you have any query related to This Post. Let me know by Commenting Below.

How To Create A Sitemap For Blogger Blogspot – Learn Step By Step

There are many bloggers, who are using Some of them want to learn that How to make a blog on If you are a new and want to create your own blog on Just go on below link.

How to create a Blog on

What is the sitemap and what is the use of it?

A sitemap is like a Directory where stores all existing pages of your Website or blog. A Sitemap helps search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo & MSN) to crawl your Site’s pages and this process makes it easier and faster for them. After crawling Search engines index your website.

If you have not created a sitemap, yet your website will be crawled and indexed by search engines but it will take time to crawling & indexing your blog.

Okay, It’s time to setup sitemap for your blogger (blogspot) –

Setup Blogger Sitemap – Normally bloggers generate sitemap by using the RSS or Atom feed and for it, we use a structure. These structures will help you to create a sitemap for blogger.

By using this structure you can create a sitemap for blogger (blogspot) using Default URL(/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500) .

How to create Sitemap for Blogger –




By Using this you can create a sitemap for blogger. Once, you have created a sitemap. Just tell Search Engines about your sitemap so that Bots can know your site structure. There are two ways to tell search engines about sitemap

(i) Showing your sitemap in robots.txt file (ii) Add your Sitemap on Webmaster Tools

How to add Sitemap in Website –

Go to Setting >> Search Preference
Find Custom robots.txt then Press Yes to enable custom robots.txt content.
Then Put here your Sitemap URL same as

Add sitemap blogger blogspot in robots.txt

  • Then Click on Save changes.

Now, whenever search engines will crawl your site they will access your Blogger sitemap from robots.txt file

Add Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tool –

Now, It’s time to add blogger sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Login Google Webmaster Tools (

Submit Blogger Blogspot Sitemap on Google webmaster Tools

  • Find Crawl and Click on it, then click on Sitemap
  • As you click on Sitemap you will see ADD/TEST SITEMAP
  • Just give one click ADD/TEST SITEMAP and add /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
  • Then Click on Submit Button.

Now, You have submitted your Blogger Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools successfully.

How to add Sitemap in WordPress

Conclusion: If you follow these steps to add sitemap on blogger (blogspot). You will never face any type of difficulties and you will find improvement better than before, yet you have any query related to adding sitemap on blogger. Tell me by commenting.

How to Put Google Adsense on your Blog

Hi Guys! Here I will tell you step-by-step guide to set up google Adsense account for Blogger blog.

If you are a blogger, you have surely heard about google Adsense Program. which is one of the most trustable Advertisement Programs.

For Beginners who are not familiar with Adsense Program. Here, I want to tell you that Adsense program is run by Google.  See Wiki Here

Some Points to be noted:

(i) Don’t use duplicate content.
(ii) Should be 15-20 well-written Posts
(iii) You content should be unique and original.
(iv) Don’t use copyright images. If you have copied images just go to your post and remove it.
(v) you should be used clean blogspot design.
(vi) Minimum 300 Visitor must be visit on your blog per day.

If these above points, you follow on your blogspot then you can ready to set up adsense account easily.

OK, Let’s go to set up google Adsense Programme on your

Just Sign in Blogger.

After that, you can see your blog as same below (Marked with Red Color)

Then Go to Layout Option and Click .

Here you will see the layout according to your theme.  After that you have to click on any Add A Gadget Option.After Clicking this a pop-up menu will appear as same below.

Just Click On Adsense. If you get a Message Configure AdsenseYou must set up an AdSense account in the Earnings tab before you can configure your AdSense gadgets.

No Need to worry, Just go Back and close pop-up Menu of Add a Gadget.

Click On Earning Tab you can find easily.

After Click on Earning Tab you will see Signup For Adsense

If you have already an account of Google adsense just sign in otherwise create an account.  As you click on Signup For Adsense you will be switch on Google Adsense Program.

Afterthat just Enter your Blog Website. and Click on Tick Radio Button on Yes, send me customised help and performance suggestions.

Then Select your Country and Mark Check on Yes, I have read and accept the agreement. Then Click on Create Account

After that you will see Payment Address Details

Just Fulfill your personal information and submit it.

Account Type: Individual , Name – *******, Address-******, City-*******, State-******, Phone – ******* Then Click on Submit button. after that you will be redirected to on your then Click on Continue

After Clicking on Continue you will see

And Finally you are ready to place ads on your blog.  and where do you want to place your ads (i) Display ads below my posts and in the side bar (ii) Display ads below my posts only (iii) Display ads in the side bar only. 

There are 3 ads option where you can place your ad. Just Click on one One radio Button and Click on Save Settings.

Your AdSense account is awaiting approval   After approving your Adsense Account through Google adsense policy. You will become able to place Google ads on your Blog.

I hope, you will be completely understand to set up an adsense account on

If you have any query related to blogger or adsense program please send to me through commenting.

How to Create Blog on

Today, I am talking about to create a blog on It’s a Free Blog and anyone can create blog.

First of all, You have to create a Gmail ID. If you have already then no need to create.

OK, Go to

After that you need to Sign in through your G-Mail. After Login you have to enter your Blog Title like The Most Religious Place In World And Enter the Address. Address means your Blog’s URL like Then Select any single Theme For your Blog

Then Click on Create blog!

Now Your Blog is ready, where you can share your ideas in World Wide. If you are a writer and want to share your thoughts, Ideas or anything else. Then you are at the right place. If your blog becomes popular and people visit your blog online to read your blog, then you can earn money through Google Adsense Services.

I hope you will be understand clearly about Creating Blog on