How to Put Google Adsense on your Blog

Hi Guys! Here I will tell you step-by-step guide to set up google Adsense account for Blogger blog.

If you are a blogger, you have surely heard about google Adsense Program. which is one of the most trustable Advertisement Programs.

For Beginners who are not familiar with Adsense Program. Here, I want to tell you that Adsense program is run by Google.  See Wiki Here

Some Points to be noted:

(i) Don’t use duplicate content.
(ii) Should be 15-20 well-written Posts
(iii) You content should be unique and original.
(iv) Don’t use copyright images. If you have copied images just go to your post and remove it.
(v) you should be used clean blogspot design.
(vi) Minimum 300 Visitor must be visit on your blog per day.

If these above points, you follow on your blogspot then you can ready to set up adsense account easily.

OK, Let’s go to set up google Adsense Programme on your

Just Sign in Blogger.

After that, you can see your blog as same below (Marked with Red Color)

Then Go to Layout Option and Click .

Here you will see the layout according to your theme.  After that you have to click on any Add A Gadget Option.After Clicking this a pop-up menu will appear as same below.

Just Click On Adsense. If you get a Message Configure AdsenseYou must set up an AdSense account in the Earnings tab before you can configure your AdSense gadgets.

No Need to worry, Just go Back and close pop-up Menu of Add a Gadget.

Click On Earning Tab you can find easily.

After Click on Earning Tab you will see Signup For Adsense

If you have already an account of Google adsense just sign in otherwise create an account.  As you click on Signup For Adsense you will be switch on Google Adsense Program.

Afterthat just Enter your Blog Website. and Click on Tick Radio Button on Yes, send me customised help and performance suggestions.

Then Select your Country and Mark Check on Yes, I have read and accept the agreement. Then Click on Create Account

After that you will see Payment Address Details

Just Fulfill your personal information and submit it.

Account Type: Individual , Name – *******, Address-******, City-*******, State-******, Phone – ******* Then Click on Submit button. after that you will be redirected to on your then Click on Continue

After Clicking on Continue you will see

And Finally you are ready to place ads on your blog.  and where do you want to place your ads (i) Display ads below my posts and in the side bar (ii) Display ads below my posts only (iii) Display ads in the side bar only. 

There are 3 ads option where you can place your ad. Just Click on one One radio Button and Click on Save Settings.

Your AdSense account is awaiting approval   After approving your Adsense Account through Google adsense policy. You will become able to place Google ads on your Blog.

I hope, you will be completely understand to set up an adsense account on

If you have any query related to blogger or adsense program please send to me through commenting.

How to Create Blog on

Today, I am talking about to create a blog on It’s a Free Blog and anyone can create blog.

First of all, You have to create a Gmail ID. If you have already then no need to create.

OK, Go to

After that you need to Sign in through your G-Mail. After Login you have to enter your Blog Title like The Most Religious Place In World And Enter the Address. Address means your Blog’s URL like Then Select any single Theme For your Blog

Then Click on Create blog!

Now Your Blog is ready, where you can share your ideas in World Wide. If you are a writer and want to share your thoughts, Ideas or anything else. Then you are at the right place. If your blog becomes popular and people visit your blog online to read your blog, then you can earn money through Google Adsense Services.

I hope you will be understand clearly about Creating Blog on